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Author / Artist:
About U. S
Subtitles / Reproduction:
Experimental Typography of American Designers. [Nr. 1 - 4]
Buchwesen - Buchdruck, Typo, Kunst - Grafikdesign
Binding / Picture Size:
Geh. in Schmuckschuber.
The Composing Room
Place of publishing:
New York
Year of publication:
Book Details / Size:
Gr.8°, jeweils 16 S., tlw. farb. Abb.
Min. gebrauchsspurig, 1 Heft m. winzigem Randriss im Vorderdeckel; Schuber am Rücken geplatzt.
Jeweils EA. Vorhanden: Nr. 1: «Come Home to Jazz. Written by Percy Seitlin. Designed by Herb Lubalin»; Nr. 2: «That New York. Written by Percy Seitlin. Designed by Brownjohn, Chermayeff and Geismar»; Nr. 3: «The Age of the Auto. Written by Percy Seitlin. Designed by Lester Beall»; Nr. 4: «Love of Apples. Written by Percy Seitlin. Designed by Gene Federico». - «A series of 16-page inserts reprinted from Der Druckspiegel, graphi arts magazine, Stuttgart, Germany- Conceived, edited, set in type in New York and produced unter the sponsorship of the Composing Room, Inc.».
Price € 377.00 CHF 400.00

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