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Author / Artist:
[Mutter m. Kind]
Subtitles / Reproduction:
Gemälde - Aquarell
Binding / Picture Size:
Place of publishing:
Year of publication:
ca. 1950
Book Details / Size:
31 x 21 cm, gerahmt.
Min. gebräunt, tadellos.
Links signiert. - Unlike a mass production studio, at Studio Demon each artist was allowed to personalize his work while still creating the images the studio required. Each painting was created by one artist and each artist was allowed to sign the work. The work the artists produced are thus typically of very high quality. Arthur Hayrapetian was the founder of the famous "Demon Studios"--also referred to as "Hayrapetian Studios"--which was located at GIV passage at Naderi Avenue in front of the Naderi Hotel in Tehran . Hayrapetian began his art studies at age 14 and named the studio after one of his beloved professors. Studio Demon was a small art studio in that produced watercolors which were then sold in various shops in Iran and also by street vendors. Some of the more well known artists to come out of Studio Demon have been artists such as: B. Ahmari, A. Vartavian, of course, the Founder R.A Hayrapetian , A . Svarchian , S. Melkonian and R. Zarian.
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